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Your HVAC in Jacksonville should work like clockwork. In fact, it’s one system in your home that shouldn’t be seen or heard. If you’re hearing noises come from your air conditioner or ductwork, then it’s important you get it seen right away. The thermostat is an essential part of your HVAC system, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily want it to be seen either. If you’re interested in hiding your thermostat or at least disguising it, here are some tips for you.

Incorporate It with Your Art

Your HVAC in Jacksonville is easily controlled even when you have your thermostat hidden. It’s not always a matter of hiding it away but sometimes just means disguising it. One idea is to incorporate it as part of a collage of other pictures and decorative elements.

Your thermostat may be in the middle of one wall and if so, this may work better than if it’s placed closer to a doorway. Collect framed photos and wall art and create a simple layout or cloud of elements on the wall. Your thermostat will blend in perfectly with all the other décor items.

Put A Frame Around It

Sometimes you can disguise a thermostat not by trying to hide it but to put a frame around it. Although you may think this just calls attention to the thermostat, it can add visual interest to the wall and beautify the device. Your thermostat on its own may not be much to look at, but with a pretty frame around it, you may not mind looking at it so much anymore.

Create A Reverse Shadow Box

This is one project that may be somewhat more complex than the other ideas on this list but is still easy enough that you can handle doing it on your own. Simply get a box or cover and affix it to the wall over the thermostat with hinges on one side so you can still access the thermostat easily. You’ll need to drill inconspicuous holes in the cover for airflow.

This is a fun idea because you can either choose a ready-made cover or make your own with a quote on the front that you can paint yourself or use vinyl-cut lettering. This may not hide your thermostat or look conspicuous depending on where your thermostat is on the wall, but it’s a great personal way to incorporate a DIY design that you love.

Put It on A Shelf

It’s not possible to move your thermostat, but it’s more than possible to make it a workable part of the design scheme in your home. Install a wood shelf just below the thermostat and decorate with flowers, knickknacks such as candles or shells, or small picture frames. Your thermostat will blend right in with the décor and your guests may not ever even know it’s there.

The best HVAC in Jacksonville is done by Ideal Conditions. Give us a call when you need service or repair. Whether the problem with your AC boils down to the thermostat or not, we can help you figure out what it is and what to do about it.

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