Electrical Panel Upgrades Calgary

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Electrical Panel Upgrades Calgary

Typically, a home electric panel lasts anywhere between 25 to 40 years. However, with today’s increased power usage, your panel might be overworking, and this could limit its lifespan. If your circuit breakers have dated amperage, or you live in a house with an old fuse box, you might be in need of electrical panel upgrades in Calgary. At Ampt Over Electric, we're seasoned Calgary electrical contractors committed to delivering top-of-the-line services. If your electrical panel is acting up and requires an upgrade, we can replace it with a high-performing panel that will ensure your home is powered efficiently.

When to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

If you’re wondering whether your panel needs an upgrade, here are essential factors to consider:

  • Panel is Hot or Warm to the Touch

A key function of a panel is regulating the temperature of your electrical system. In case the system overheats, the circuit breaker trips, protecting your home from a possible fire. If you’ve realized your panel is hot or warm, it’s important to call experts right away to avert serious problems. An accredited electrician near Calgary may recommend upgrading your panel to resolve this issue.

  • Electrical Panel Is More Than 25 Years Old

Panels can't last forever. That means they have to be replaced by the best electricians in Calgary at some point. If your panel is over 25 years old, you'll benefit from enhanced safety and performance by getting an upgrade.

  • Rusted Parts

Have you spotted rusted electrical parts in your panel? That’s a clear indication that moisture has penetrated. This could cause electrocution and electrical faults. Rust implies your electrical panel has been or is exposed to moisture from water leaks, chipped paint, or high levels of humidity.

A rusted panel requires professional electrical services in Calgary. Your electrician will likely suggest a replacement. On top of that, your new panel might need a new location where there's no moisture.

  • Constantly Tripping Circuit Breakers

A number of reasons could cause your breaker to trip regularly:

  1. An undersized electrical wire
  2. An overloaded electrical circuit
  3. An electrical fault in the circuit breaker

If there are burn marks where the breaker and panel connect, the fault could be with the panel, breaker, or both, and this will require a panel replacement. On the other hand, a circuit that is often overloaded implies your usage exceeds the supply. If so, you need to ensure a professional from one of the leading electrician companies in Calgary examines your electrical panel to determine whether it’s time for a replacement.

Top of the Line Electrical Panel Upgrades

Are your lights flickering? Or perhaps you’re unable to plug in your home appliances without the breaker tripping? You may need electrical panel upgrades in Calgary. When you contact our professionals at Ampt Over Electric, we'll assess your situation and, if necessary, upgrade your electrical panel to prevent house fires or serious injuries. Our upgrade can also enable you to add more circuits to meet your needs. Call us for service: 403-862-1782.

Electrical Panel Upgrades Calgary

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Electrical Panel Upgrades Calgary

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